Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits

Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits

Anderson Partners LLC has considerable experience with federal Historic Investment Rehabilitation Tax Credits.  Our attorneys represent clients in the rehabilitation of commercial, mixed-use and residential rental property nationwide.  We assist clients with rehabilitation projects financed with federal Historic Investment Rehabilitation Tax Credits, including projects combining historic tax credits with New Market Tax Credits, Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, other federal, state and local incentives, and conventional financing. 

 Anderson Partners’ clients include:

  • Developers,
  • Lenders, and
  • Investors, including the Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana. 

We are also engaged at the federal, state, and local level in leading and promoting historic preservation initiatives. 

Our services include:

  • Advising on building and expense qualifications of projects;
  • Assisting with the submission of Part I, Part II, and Part III applications;
  • Coordinating and Corresponding with the State Historic Preservation Office;
  • Advising regarding transaction structure and federal and state tax matters;
  • Advising on the use of layered financing structures combining historic tax credits with other tax credits such as New Market Tax Credits and Low-Income Housing Tax Credits;
  • Preparing debt and equity documents on behalf of lenders and investors;
  • Reviewing and negotiating equity and debt commitment letters and agreements;
  • Reviewing and negotiating debt and equity documents on behalf of developers;
  • Preparing Offering Memoranda and Investment Agreements;
  • Issuing Opinion Letters on all Aspects of the Development; and
  • Advising regarding preservation alternatives.

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