Indiana State and Local Tax Credits

Indiana State and Local Tax Credits and Incentives

The State of Indiana offers many tax credits, grants and economic development programs which are designed to create and enhance community and economic development opportunities.  Often times, a development project falls short of its funding needs.  Anderson Partners LLC can help developers find alternative funding sources to avoid or eliminate such funding shortfalls.  The attorneys at Anderson Partners LLC have in depth knowledge and experience with the State offered tax incentives programs. The knowledge and experience allows them to assist their clients with understanding how these tax incentive programs may be utilized to enhance the financial structure of a project, as well as obtaining such tax incentives for use by their clients.

The following tax credits, grants and economic development programs are available in the State of Indiana:

  • Economic Development for a Growing Economy Tax Credit
  • Hoosier Business Investment Tax Credit Program
  • Venture Capital Investment Tax Credit
  • Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit
  • Community Revitalization District Tax Credit
  • Headquarters Relocation Tax Credit
  • Industrial Recovery Tax Credit
  • Media Production Sales Tax Exemption Skills Enhancement Fund
  • Technology Enhancement Certification for Hoosiers
  • 21st Century Research and Technology Fund
  • Industrial Development Grant Fund
  • Small Business Innovation Research Initiative
  • Training Acceleration Grant
  • Tax-Exempt Bond Programs
  • Loan Guaranty Program
  • Capital Access Program
  • Certified Tech

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